Passionate about cooking, are you planning to open your own restaurant?

Development of the concept and business planTo open a restaurant, you need to think about a concept of your own and develop a restaurant business plan to determine whether your project will be profitable in the long term.If you wish to bypass these steps and benefit from an already loyal clientele, you can opt for franchising, which is often a more profitable option, but requires a higher initial investment. Moreover, opening a franchise gives you much less freedom in the development of your concept, nevertheless it will save you a lot of things, such as the purchase of real estate and the purchase of restaurant equipment. Skills and formalities to open a restaurantNo diploma or training is required to open a restaurant. However, it is preferable to have certain skills that are useful for the good management of your restaurant (accounting, management, management).You must also respect certain regulations to open a restaurant, including obtaining a restaurant licence.Choosing your legal statusChoosing the right legal form to open a restaurant is of paramount importance. This choice determines the formalities of creation and management as well as the social and tax regime of your business. Which status is the most judicious?The status of auto-entrepreneur (now micro-entrepreneur) is often unsuitable for a restaurant.

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